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Drawing and Painting Workshops - Individual Instruction

Taught by Hagit Shahal

Read some views expressed by students about the place that art assumes in their lives, the classes held at the studio in Tel Aviv, and other topics of interest.
The photographs of the works appearing on this page are drawings and paintings that the students made at the workshop.

Orly Zaba architect

Dearest Hagit,

Long before I met you, my heart would skip a beat when I saw your paintings. I wanted to learn from you, even though I was of the opinion that "no one can teach me how to paint."
I came to your studio and found a teacher who believes that "you can teach anyone." Hagit, I love how you manage to reach me, through a rare professional and emotional talent you have to offer guidance, which enables me to devote myself fully and uncover my weak points and the ability to deal with them, to grow.
This is an opportunity to thank you for the moving classes. May there be more to come.

Sara Katz Human Resources

I'm fulfilling an old dream at Hagit's studio – I'm painting.
I've always been attracted to painting, and two decades ago I even took a number of classes, where I expressed myself through color. But the timing wasn't right, and I stopped.
Now, after retiring, I've found the time and the emotional availability to develop my painting hobby. Thanks to Hagit's method, I'm learning the fundamentals of drawing with a pencil and charcoal, while being exposed to techniques, materials, composition and perspective.
At the first class, when faced with the teddy bear, I became somewhat discouraged and lost the ability to do the pencil strokes. But something about Hagit and about the atmosphere at the studio told me to keep on going.
I was a bit more relaxed during the second class, and then Hagit taught me how to breathe life into the work through shading. From that moment on, I knew I'd come to the right place.
I come from a profession distinguished by highly organized staff work, where the left hemisphere of the brain is in the lead role. Here, at the studio, I'm required to use the right hemisphere. It's not easy for me...
Hagit, who immediately perceived the chords of my soul, patiently extends a guiding and supportive hand to me. Thus, I'm managing very slowly to extract myself from the chains of the 'policeman' in the left hemisphere, and am beginning to allow the right hemisphere to speak…but the road ahead is still long.
I wait for the class from one week to the next, think about my latest drawing even when I'm at home, study it, and plan how to proceed at the upcoming class. I take a step forward, sometimes march in place, or even retreat, but overall I'm on a track of growth and development.
And the atmosphere at the studio – it's quiet, tranquil, and accompanied by pleasant background music.
Every student gets his 'dose' of Hagit based on the pace of his progress, without any tension and without any competition. It's no wonder, therefore, that I call the class 'yoga for the brain.' That's because the ambience at the studio puts us in another world right away, where you can cut yourself off from everyday noises and dive into the magic of drawing.


This is my third year at the studio, and I enjoy it more as time goes by. The professional and serious approach, which is accompanied by a highly pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, makes it possible to tackle the craft of painting.
The challenging individual experience is personally enriching and broadens your understanding of the world of art, and of painting in particular.
Waiting with anticipation for the next class…

Miriam Alon Administrative Director

Dear Hagit,
A little over a year ago I was introduced to that teddy bear, which has seen so many students, and asked myself where does one start? I looked at those around me, all engrossed in the assignment – some drawing, some painting – and wondered, will I succeed as well? And very slowly I started filling the sheet with couches and jugs, shoes, an elephant and swans, a rose, and a mysterious girl in a coat.
While unable to decide and still pondering, little by little images begin to emerge from that empty page. If I did succeed, even a little, then it's thanks to you, Hagit. Your ability to convey and explain how to draw and how to observe things is extraordinary.
The delightful atmosphere at the studio, the encouragement from the group – all these make for wonderful and happy Mondays.
Thank you Hagit.

Dalia Poliva

I've always wanted to paint, but didn't know whether it was something I could do.
After searching on the Internet, I suddenly came across a website that displayed splendid paintings and promised a personalized painting class, a promise which in fact has been kept.
The combination between Hagit's warm approach, in particular, and her professional knowledge, in general, give me pleasure, excitement and abilities to express myself through painting which were not my lot in the past.
I've fulfilled a dream!
I've been able to meet Hagit and…to paint.

Becky Shiprut Import & Export Manager

I came to the studio at the end of 2009 with a little knowledge I'd acquired in my youth and a lot of love for painting.
We began drawing from scratch, and later with charcoal. We overcame the difficulty of where to position an image, make it darker, and lose boundaries.
The watercolors workshop was a wonderful experience for me to become familiar with the colors and learn about the dialog existing between them, in preparation for painting with oils. For a few months now I've been working with oils with great love, and enjoy every minute of it.
On the occasion of moving to a new studio, I wish Hagit lots of luck and great success, and would like to take this opportunity to thank her for the support and assistance, and for making a dream come true.

Adi Samocha Attorney

Every one of us needs to clear his head from time to time to empty ones head of all thoughts and devote it to something relaxing and stress-free, which can do only good.
The painting lessons taught by Hagit have been my head clearing for nearly three years. Once a week I take a break from all the daily annoyances and enjoy myself.
I spent quite some time looking for a place that would meet my requirements: a class where, on the one hand, the instructor teaches but, on the other, does not impose his personal taste; a class where I would be guided in how to attain what I wish to achieve; a class that would enrich me in terms of knowledge and would also expose me to new techniques; a class whose atmosphere encourages creativity and offers pleasant company.
I found all of the above in Hagits classes.
For me this is unadulterated pleasure which ultimately produces something to be proud of.

Yael Shor

I heard about Hagit in August 2008, and since then I've been celebrating.
I had painted for many years "on and off", but for the first time I feel as if I've grasped the essence.
I experienced a change at Hagit's studio in terms of understanding the art of painting, the use of color, the observation, and the ability to venture out.
I received all these tools from Hagit. "I graduated from elementary school to university." Figurative art is the type of art I can most relate to. I feel that the combination between Hagit the artist and Hagit the teacher is the optimal mix which meets my expectations that a student has of a teacher.
The ability to come to the studio in the morning and find a new work of art created by Hagit, to observe it, to be moved by it, and have a talk with Hagit about it, offers an added value to taking art lessons from her.

Dr. Michael Slatkine physicist and hi-tech entrepreneur

My professional pursuits have for many years exposed me to highly profound scientific and technological concepts which entail considerable intellectual effort and hard work. The reason for joining Hagit Shahal's workshop was to "clear my head" by means of a less demanding pursuit.
I soon discovered that painting does in fact have "head clearing" attributes. But I also discovered a world of scientific and psychological depth which is no less complex than all my occupations in the past. The tools which I have received from Hagit, and continue to receive, are visual "engineering" and psychological tools like any other tools both in terms of quantity and quality. There is no difference between working in Hagit Shahal's art studio and a physics lab class taught by a first-rate university lecturer in both places you acquire knowledge from a person who has an excellent command of the subject matter, who enriches your life for the coming years.
For all scientists this is an incredible hobby that requires professional tools which are skillfully taught at the studio.

Irit Kleiner-Paz Clinical Psychologist

To Hagit Shahal
Having completed my first year at your painting workshop, I would like to thank you for the process we have undergone, which provided me with a comprehensive and quick springboard for understanding the intricacies of drawing and painting.
I thoroughly enjoyed the hours of tranquility and creativity, the pleasant company, and the surprising results. As someone for whom painting is a hobby, you helped me to approach it with a maximum sense of seriousness and to turn painting into an island of serenity and repose, far from the tumult of our turbulent daily lives.
I look forward to the new year, and eagerly anticipate the growth and experiences awaiting me at your studio. With thanks,

Uma krishnamoorthy Banker

When it was known that we had to move to Tel aviv (from Bombay) for a few summers on account of my husband's transfer to Tel aviv, I decided to put my own longstanding banking career in India on hold, join him in Tel aviv and do something which had been a dream all along - to take up painting full time. Although , since my early years, I have been painting on and off, it was mostly self-taught. I had had no formal learning in drawing and painting. Hence, I decided to enroll myself in Hagit Shahal's art classes.
To my delight I found the classes suited my requirements perfectly. I needed a teacher who would guide me without in any way interfering with the creative process, someone who would give ample freedom to experiment and encourage the same and at the same time I could imbibe the solid foundations of fundamentals in art.
The atmosphere in the classes is relaxed yet professional, informal, yet there is keenness of interest in both the student and the teacher. Each student picks up a subject of his/her choice and works at his own pace. The number of students per class usually does not exceed six or seven. So Hagit's individual attention to every student is ensured. It is almost as if she tunes in to every student's wavelength, senses their mental framework and acts as a guide in helping them create wonderful works of art. She has the enviable combination of candor and gentleness which make her workshop, a happy learning centre. You are exposed to various materials and techniques and learn how the materials behave. She hones your observational skills, because all your drawing and painting basically depend on what you "see". The interplay between light and shade, the perspective, the picture composition, the choice of colors, which have a language of their own, the mood and feeling a painting evokes, every nuance of visual poetry in a picture the classes enable you to deepen your appreciation of these and translate that into your paintings. The music in the background and a friendly atmosphere in the workshop only add to enjoyment of the learning experience.
The most striking feature of her teaching method is that she provides an enabling environment whereby the student gets a feeling from day one that every drawing or painting done at the workshop is "his work". She guides with her insightful observations and lets the student's creativity surface and flow.
I am glad I chose to join her classes.

Keren Duchan Programming Engineer

For me, painting is therapy. It's my way to become immersed in technique and implementation, allowing the painting to flow from within me. At Hagit's studio, I have the peace of mind and the space to be with myself and create, on that particular day and at that particular stage, whatever I can and want to create. Hagit accompanies and guides me in the process, giving me the freedom to express myself as well as the needed tools so that I'll be able to do it better and my way.
Hagit has boundless patience and is open to a layman's questions as well as any esoteric query that comes to my mind. Hagit knows how to comment little, yet say a lot about what can be improved and about what is noteworthy in the work. The time I spend at the studio enriches my life through music, through meeting people and their works, through discussions about art and through laughter, through tranquility and serenity, and through my personal work, which leads me to places unknown to me in advance. For me, these are two hours a week in another world a world in which I encounter myself.

Viki Akilov Cosmetician

I had studied painting prior to coming to Hagit's workshop, but only there did I first realize how much I actually don't know.
Hagit managed to bring out the artist in me, creativity that I wasn't aware existed within me, and all with love, support and friendship.
The classes are held in a pleasant atmosphere with soothing background music.It's simply a real experience!!!

Nushi Yaffe

A quote from the choreographer, Martha Graham:
"There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action and because there is only one you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost."
And about ten years ago I decided not to block this unique expression. I chose painting.
I tend to change teachers every so often because I like to be exposed to as many work techniques and forms and ways of expression as possible.
For more than two years I've been painting at Hagit Shahal's wonderful studio, and I find that the tremendous advantage here is the combination between a great artist and a superb teacher. I believe that such people are rare. There are good artists who dont always have the ability to convey their knowledge to others. And there are very good teachers who have not yet sufficiently developed as artists. I find them both in Hagit. The giving, the ambience, the light, the music and the occasional discussions that we have about the art world, while working, are precious to me.
I learn and enjoy, receive criticism and develop.
Thank you Hagit.

Fanny Horowitz Marketing Director

I was given the great privilege of being introduced to Hagit and taking part in her workshop.
Until ten months ago, I had never drawn in my life. I didn't know that I wanted to draw and it never occurred to me that I would ever know how to do so.
I came to the first class hesitantly, saying to myself: "in another two hours you'll leave here having created a fiasco that will enter the book of family fiasco records. Many future generations will laugh hysterically when they hear of the idea and when they seethe outcome."
Hagit sat me down opposite the teddy bear, who had already met many hesitant students on their first day. Hagit explained to me how to begin drawing and the teddy bear, on his part, stared at me with defiant eyes that said: "Yeah right, let's see you do it?!" He didnt know just how much I love challenges.
Two hours later, after quite a bit of help from Hagit, a kind of two-dimensional and ashamed teddy bear gazed at me from the piece of paper. I fell in love with him. I knew that I wouldn't leave him in such a state. The next class I learned how to infuse three-dimensional life into the teddy bear using shadowing. And since then, he's mine. The first teddy bear and the first drawing.
It's much more than technical skills. Hagit opened my eyes so I could observe details in depth, and understand that my brain often deceives me and tells me that I'm seeing things which it itself has completed, based on experience, but they truly don't exist in reality. I discovered that it's possible to detach myself from my daily routine for a fixed period of time. I learned that I have patience.
And, first and foremost, each time I reexperience the magical moments of creation, those moments during which the image emerges from the white canvas and presents itself to me.
And I'm so happy that there's still so much room to advance.

Dafna SpectorEngineer

I always loved to draw.
A childhood memory: I'm sitting on the floor at my neighbor's house and drawing on the large table in the living room. My mother went to work and left me with Lily, the neighbor. Lily had emigrated from the United States a few years earlier. She has American crayons. There's nothing like them in Israel. They include iridescent colors as well as silver and gold crayons. I'm drawing a blue sea with azure waves and whitish foam. And there's golden sand and trees and flowers and smiling people.
My connection to painting and art has been an integral part of me since childhood. Even though I chose an occupation that is totally unrelated to art, I never stopped being drawn to it. Over the years, I painted at school, after school and took many courses. But I was always looking for a permanent setting whose semester doesn't end and where you don't need to look for a new place once again. A place that would enable me to paint, learn and progress at my pace.
I found such a place at Hagit's studio. The relaxed atmosphere that enables me to be in my place. The tranquility. The personal guidance. The methodic way of learning. Hagit's profound perspective: sometimes it's one sentence that clarifies the entire picture. Sharp and unequivocal insight that helps me to immediately understand what was not perceived earlier. Being uncompromising when it's necessary, and compromising when there's no reason to be obstinate. Intervention, only if in its absence there's no other way to explain the matter, and a lack of intervention when it comes to the personal sphere. Magical moments that fill me with a sense of joy until the next session.

Eli Brody Programmer

"Find a job you enjoy, and you'll never work a day in your life."
Never has this adage been truer than in Hagit's home studio.
The dedication and attention she gives her own projects and those of her students makes it clear just how much Hagit enjoys her work. What's more - the feeling is infectious.
I have found that it is possible to learn a new discipline, and this focused environment has been helping me do just that.
The work is not always easy, and can be frustrating at times. Likewise, there are varying degrees of productivity, as all things have their ebb and flow. However, as time goes by, the fruits of my labor become more and more apparent.
I look forward to continuing this journey of aesthetic discovery and unclogging of my creative flow!

Miri Agassi Graphologist

For me, painting is the exact opposite of the tensions of daily life the commitments, the running around, the keeping on schedule.
A finished painting has beauty and order.
Its perhaps most appropriate to articulate what painting means to me using something that I wrote several years ago when I had my first drawing experience.
To Draw.
Sensuality, the pencil presses on the paper and unites with it. The movements are soft, the drawing is soft, the eyes are soft.
And suddenly, thats it. The drawing is completed. Its remarkable. Did I actually draw this?
I close the pad and open it again. It hasnt disappeared. Its still there.
I love the drawing.
I made it
Hagit Shahal can attest that today, many years later, when my drawing is complete I still close the pad, reopen it, and gaze at this marvel.
What a wonderful sense of beauty and order.
Learning with Hagit is both an adventure and lots of fun. Hagit is very strict dont get me wrong. She criticizes, corrects, and gives no breaks. All this is done with warmth, in a professional manner, and with great music in the studio providing the background for this celebration.
I warmly recommend it

Avraham Blecher Insurance Agent

Im presently starting the third year of my learning experience at your studio, together with my 171/2 year-old daughter, Reut.
The whole week I look forward to Wednesday when I can express myself in the manner that best empowers me, which is drawing under your instruction.
A very pleasant and creative atmosphere prevails in your studio. All the students truly encourage one another, and the pleasant music in the background is relaxing and bonds me with my love for painting.
In the two years that have elapsed, I can testify to the improvement in my ability, and its thanks to you. Your special technique, which is correctly imparted, makes the difference. When I left the last lesson, I was very excited about what I had learned from you Im referring to the painting of the initial layers of an oil painting that become manifest in later stages of the entire painting. One can see that this technique is very blatant in your own works, which are amazing and never cease to fascinate me.
Your ability is also expressed in how you connect with people, how in your own unique way you manage to touch people, to reach their innermost selves.
And we surely are aware of arts therapeutic capacity. What it does to a person, who through art can express himself in places where he could not do so otherwise. You display an abundance of empathy and it causes people to open up, and from there the talent then erupts.
I want to thank you so much for supporting the special relationship I have with my daughter Reut, and I believe that only a sensitive and loving person like yourself is able to see the emotions beyond the words and help others.

Doris Firian

For me, painting opens an aperture to new worlds. For me, every drawing process is an experience.
Although I came with a background in painting, with Hagit I started from the basics.
I am so grateful to her every time I further develop.

Ruth Herzog biologist

For me, painting has always been an experience, something that has touched my heart and has been intertwined with the most delicate parts of my being. Over the years, Ive visited numerous museums in Israel and throughout the world. At the end of these visits, I always left the exhibitions that I saw with a wonderful feeling or with a sense of criticism or anger, or was simply sad. Painting is a type of art that I can relate to and that fascinates me.

I always wanted to study painting myself but kept on postponing it, somewhat out of fear and somewhat out of a lack of time. I then had the perfect opportunity to meet Hagit and become familiar with the methods that she teaches, her studio and the kind of learning that occurs there.

I began studying drawing with Hagit, yet faced a number of difficulties when translating the vision into practice. Despite the obstacles, I enjoyed every moment thanks to Hagits wise, proper and meticulous instruction. I managed to draw and also be satisfied with what the result. Hagit always offered constructive comments all in the proper measure and in the most constructive and candid manner possible.

After I retired from my job, I began painting at the studio more intensively, namely - more hours during the week. I then felt a real breakthrough.

I really love to paint with colors, through which Ive been introduced to a new and fascinating world of experiences. In this case as well, it has been with Hagits sensitive and excellent instruction, combining practice and theory and taking my personal inclinations into consideration. The studio is a place that has become almost a second home to me. It has good ambience, serenity and comfort, but at the same time generates a serious atmosphere of work. The group of students is usually small, which contributes to the comfort and to Hagits being able to extend ongoing assistance throughout the entire lesson.

Today, the painting ability that Ive developed with Hagits help serves as a source of pride to both me and my family. Its a great feeling to acquire the ability to paint different works, using a variety of methods and materials.
Painting presently occupies a prominent place in my daily life. I find myself contemplating and thinking a lot about what and how Ill paint. I was not aware that the art of painting is as deep and expansive as an ocean, and that further study and each additional lesson are but a drop in this infinite sea.

Im glad that Ive been able to study with Hagit, who has opened so many doors for me that are connected to the art of painting.

Ronit Malin Ben Shimon Attorney

When I looked for a place to study painting, something that I've wanted to do for a long time, I hoped to find a place where I could study in a methodical and structured manner. On the other hand, I also wanted the freedom to create. I wanted to discover if I have the ability to paint and if it could be further developed.
I was fortunate to come to Hagit Shahal's classes where I found what I was looking for, and much more. Not only did Hagit help me discover that I do have ability that can be developed but, together with her methodical teaching approach, she leaves room for free expression and combines the two. All this takes place in a pleasant studio atmosphere, coupled with background music, that provides all that's needed to produce an excellent learning environment.
I look forward to Monday mornings.

Tzippi Cohen

I came to Hagit's studio in order to prepare a portfolio, and to have some fun as well.
If there's a place where it's worthwhile studying painting and investing in portfolio preparation, it's at Hagits studio.
Hagit is serious about the objective and she's been blessed with the right and important traits that bring the best out of you. She's uncompromisingly thorough, meticulous, consistent and serious.
The beginning was difficult but the outcome certainly paid off.
The ambience at the studio is pleasant and family-like, and the music playing in the background
It's recommended

Orly Reuveni

At the age of 50, it's wonderful to discover a love for painting.
It fills me with infinite pleasure.
When I paint, Im swept away to another world, a world that is entirely mine.
The hours pass like minutes and I want more and more.
Thank you Hagit for showing, guiding and planting this great love.

Lital Keshet Industrial Engineer

I've always been drawn to the area of art in general, and to painting in particular. But unfortunately, since high school, I have not found the time to engage in it.
Recently, when I decided to take up painting once again during my spare time, I came to Hagit. At first, I was somewhat skeptical and didn't believe that I would be able to advance and even enjoy these few hours a week that are squeezed in between work and routine responsibilities. However, thanks to Hagit's instruction (and a little diligence on my part), I feel the progress from painting to painting and even more important - I'm thoroughly enjoying myself.
Hagit instructs her students starting from the most fundamental stage, while placing emphasis on the key principles. On the other hand, each student progresses according to his own pace, makes use of materials and techniques that interest him, and paints what appeals to him.
For me, this is the ideal combination to receive the instruction that I need, in the direction that I choose, while experimenting with diverse techniques as much as my heart desires. In short - unadulterated fun.

Meir Ashkenazi

My entire life I've been engaged in all sorts of art, such as music or sculpture. But painting always stood out among them and was always something stronger and more appealing from my perspective, compared to any other art form.
I never studied painting in any formal framework, but over the years I taught myself techniques and different approaches, enabling myself to grow and develop in terms of artistic influences and new ideas. About six months ago, I decided to study painting so that I could be exposed to things I was previously unfamiliar with - and that's how I came to Hagit's studio.
Working under Hagit's supervision has been of great value to me, and the change in techniques and execution was felt as early as the first lesson.
I feel that my paintings are much more mature today, both in terms of technique as well as ideas. I'm glad to have met such a wonderful teacher like Hagit.

Jenny Segal

When I sat down to write about what painting and the sessions with Hagit have given me, I found it very difficult to describe in words until I came across a poem written by Ehud Manor entitled "Now It's My Turn."

(A rough translation):
"Don't hesitate
Don't miss the chance
Dont close your eyes
Confront fear and pain
Fall in love and commit
To the fragile line
To the heart's dictate, hunger and the mysterious
Now I'll take it
And won't forget
To remember what I wanted
I'll begin breathing
Touching and tasting
I'll love abundantly
And much more
I'll eat the whole fruit
Now it's my turn, now it's my turn"

Shosh Blumenthal

During the past four years, after years of investing creative efforts at work and at home with the family, I suddenly discovered a new facet within myself: the ability to paint and the enormous pleasure that can be derived from it. For me, painting takes up all the room that work once occupied, and colorful rays are transmitted from it and back to my very being. I now observe all my surroundings with eyes that see and hear the act of creating, and constantly wait for the moment that I can actualize it with my hands and my soul.
At Hagit's studio I receive the answers to the question "how" to articulate the marvel within me. With her help, I'm developing the capacity to observe and the technique of how to use oil colors and it's becoming apparent to me that I'm entering a forest full of paths and alcoves whose end I cannot see and that this "how", which I've inquired about here at the studio, has so many answers that only I can choose among them once I've internalized them. I feel that I have a professional guide accompanying me, who gives me the response and the reaction based on which I'll know how to correct myself and keep on going, and also someone supporting me so I don't lose my way in the thick of the forest and pursue my own path.

Helena Vindaver

For years I was looking for a way to put my emotions, feelings, and thoughts on paper. From an early age I was always glued to a pencil and drew on my own any chance that I got.
I really wanted to do something with it, to break the daily routine, to get out of the work-home grind and enter a serene bubble in which I'd be able to express and also challenge myself at the same time.
Now I wait impatiently to go to Hagit's classes, where I find refuge.
There I can detach myself and begin to draw with all the love and passion I bear within me, enhanced by the individual and professional guidance that I receive during the lesson.
My message to you is not to be afraid and to take the step to go there, get an impression and fall in love with art. I promise that you'll also find relaxation in addition to a tremendous sense of satisfaction from the doing and from the final product.
I promise.

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